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The mission of the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) is to protect human health and the environment. You'll find EPA initiatives and resources on their website.

Radon is a radioactive gas that you cannot see, smell, or taste. EPA's website provides the vital information that you need to protect your family from this health risk in your home.

The CPSC (Consumer Products Safety Commission) is committed to protecting you and your family from more than 15,000 types of products that might pose a fire, electrical, chemical or mechanical hazard, or any product that might injure children.

Polybutylene is a plastic resin used extensively in plumbing systems from 1978-1995. While scientific evidence is scarce, it is now believed that oxidants in public water supplies, such as chlorine, react with the polybutylene causing it to scale, flake, and become brittle resulting in fractures that lead to structural damage.

The circuit breakers manufactured by Federal Pacific Panels pose a fire hazard. See this website for information about replacing these panels.

Aluminum wiring, used in some homes in the 1960's and 1970's, is a potential fire hazard. Click here to find out more about this safety concern.

Energy conservation is important to us all, and you'll find lots of information and practical suggestions on the Energy Hog website.

The National Pesticide Information Center offers tips for effective pest control on their website.

For more information about termite control, click on these links: Wikipedia and Termite Fact Sheet.

You'll find very useful information on asthma, allergies, and other respiratory conditions on the following sites:
Allergy & Asthma Network/Mothers of Asthmatics (AAN/MA): (800) 878-4403
American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology (AAAAI)
American Lung Association: 1-800-LUNG-USA (1-800-586-4872)
Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America: (800) 7ASTHMA
National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases
National Jewish Medical and Research Center: (800) 222-LUNG (5864)

Lowes and Home Depot are great resources for your home repair and improvement needs.

Should you need professional grade equipment and tools, we have found Professional Equipment to carry quality materials at reasonable prices.

The Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) exists to protect and serve the citizens of Texas. The Commission's programs of education, licensing, and industry regulation ensure that real estate service providers are honest, trustworthy, and competent.

The Texas Almanac website is a terrific resource for the Texas homeowner.

Wiki How-To is an online how-to manual with a huge variety of topics. Great website!

The mission of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is to increase home ownership and support communities.

Energy-Efficient and Healthy Living:

Energy Efficiency:

Indoor Air Quality:

The EPA's Indoor Air Quality Guide
The Healthy House Institute

Austin-TX Real Estate:

Austin-TX Repair and Remodeling Contractors:

Federal Agencies:

U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission-list of recalled products
Department of Energy's Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Network
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Testing Labs and Inspection Agencies:

National Association of Home Builders Research Center

Energy Codes:

Texas Building Energy Institute

Building Code and Related Organizations:

Southern Building Code Congress
American Concrete Institute
Engineered Wood Association
American Society for Testing and Materials
American Wood Council
Gypsum Association
Housing Inspection Foundation
Institute for Business and Home Safety
North American Steel Framing Alliance
National Association of Home Builders
National Concrete Masonry Association
National Fire Protection Association
National Institute of Building Sciences
North American Insulation Manufacturers Association
Modular Building Institute


Business Week Magazine

Septic Systems:

American Society of Home Inspectors

Other Sites of Interest:

Recalls of construction material