Professional Service Fees

Home Inspection General
1,000-1,500 sq-ft or less (base fee) $350.00
1,501-2,000 sq-ft (base fee) $360.00
2,001-2,500 sq-ft (base fee) $370.00
2,501-3,000 sq-ft (base fee) $380.00
Over 3000 sq ft  please ask for pricing
Additional fees may apply depending on the age and type of structure
1980 Homes add additional$20
1970 Homes add additional$30
1960 Homes add additional$30
1950-1940 Homes add additional$40
1930 Homes add additional$50
Historical Home add additional$80
Pier and Beam Foundation w/ crawl space add$60
Multi Family:
Duplex  please ask for pricing
3-Plex  please ask for pricing
4-Plex  please ask for pricing
Fees for Optional Items:
Additional foundation level measuring  $30
Additional Sprinkler system inspection  $30
Additional Pool inspection   $60
Additional Pool & Spa inspection   $70
Water testing for pool/Spa   $20
Additional Out building with electric/plumbing please ask for pricing
Additional Out building without electric or plumbing please ask for pricing
Additional Private Well inspection   $50
Additional drinking water quality testing (EPA test kit)   please ask for pricing
Additional Private Septic tank walk over and drainage test inspection   $50
Additional Wood destroying insects inspection   please ask for pricing
Re-Inspection fees or Additional visit request if utility service is not turned on at the time of the scheduled inspection (electricity, water, gas)   please ask for pricing
New construction: Quality inspection report
Foundation Inspection -pre pour please ask for pricing
Frame inspection for 1 story home incl. Mechanical Delivery System rough-in and exterior envelope please ask for pricing
Frame inspection for 2 story home incl. Mechanical Delivery System rough-in and exterior envelope please ask for pricing

INFO: All rough in should be finished before the Frame inspection is called.

Insulation inspection (pre-dry wall) for 1 story home please ask for pricing
Insulation inspection (pre-dry wall) for 2 story home please ask for pricing
Final inspection general:
Over-3000 sq-ft Please ask for pricing
1 Year Warranty Inspection general Please ask for pricing

  • It is recommended that the foundation be inspected by the engineer who designed the foundation (An inspection is sometimes included in the slab design fee. Check with your engineer for details). If the original engineer does not inspect the foundation we will inspect the foundation for the listed fee.
  • Frame inspection includes: Framing, Electrical, Plumbing, and HVAC. All roughs must be finished before the inspection is called or a re-inspection fee will be charged upon re-inspection. All pertinent data must be present at time of inspection, i.e.: Floor and roof truss layouts if applicable.
  • If a complete Final Real Estate Home inspection is required with digital photos etc., please see our standard price sheets for rates.